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hireworks is a community of smart people driving employment evolution by working together on recruitment projects across the world in a decentralized partnership model and share the value they create in proportion to their individual contribution.

Our main purpose is to offer you the opportunity to learn, earn and grow within the recruitment domain, regardless of your location, age or experience.

We believe that by guiding and supporting you in achieving your personal goals (financial freedom, operational independence, autonomy to drive your own success, work-life balance and more), together we will convert this domain from being a bottle neck, to a core driver of growth, transformation and sustainability for both individuals and companies.

Join the employment evolution!

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


How it works

Recruitment Process


Press the “Join us” button to start your application.
If you are shortlisted, we will reach out to you with the next steps (usually within a few days).


Every applicant selected for the job will be given access to our onboarding and ongoing training programs.


Good communication skills, functioning laptop, good internet connection that allows smooth video calls and of course determination. You should also be able to find a space where you can work productively and have undisturbed conference calls.


Our Global Career Consultants are more than recruiters. They find, engage and secure talents (middle management to C level digital experts) for our clients across the world.
Beyond that, they consult the talents they work on opportunities with, about their career choices, hiring processes, negotiation, relocation and more.


As your skills grow, you can join our client managers / coaches / operations team / marketing / leadership.


With our decentralized operations, you can work from any place on the planet, as long as you have a stable and fast internet connection. Some clients are time zone sensitive, but that will only affect you if you are a client manager.

It is real! With hireworks, you truly own your time so you can use it to the best of your ability. However, with freedom comes responsibility. Nobody will push you or ask “what did you do today?”, so you must apply high levels of self discipline, time management and consistency in order to be productive.

The good news is, if you are able to do that, you will be surprised by how much you can achieve.

No more 9:00 to 6:00 (unless you choose that schedule). Some people are more productive in the morning, others in the afternoon or evening. One prefers to work on weekdays, others like to mix it up between business days and weekends. The choice of time is all yours, as long as you are available when needed by others in the process (colleagues, candidates, clients) and are happy with what you make for yourself (remember that your results will define your income and growth).
If you want this to be your main source of income, we recommend the following commitment in terms of effort and time:

  • Commitment level - at least 30 hours per week for beginners (although this is highly dependent on your abilities, learning speed and productivity, you may be able to drive great results with less work once you polish your skills and routines)

  • Time distribution - we suggest you allocate your time in the following proportions

    • 20% = correspondence (flexible)

    • 20% = search (flexible)

    • 50% = candidate calls (punctual)

    • 10% = organizing your notes, files, etc (flexible)

    • NOTE:

      • You should always be available / reachable in case of an urgent situation (e.g. interview cancellations)

      • Recruitment is about momentum — to achieve good results, you need to be consistent, meaning that even if this is a side gig for you, give it your serious and systematic attention in order to maximize the benefits


Higher income with hireworks:

  • We pay our consultants higher commission than most (if not all) traditional firms

  • You earn a 50% commission on your personal revenue, generated by your efforts (no thresholds, no complicated schemes - which are common for the industry)

  • International placements - most of our clients / jobs are in “high end” locations, where the salary of your candidate and respectively your commission, will be significantly (often 3-4 times) higher than what recruiters working for traditional firms earn for placing the same talent locally

  • Focus & efficiency - our operational model allows you to solely concentrate your efforts and energy on generating your income (no more wasting time in reporting, corporate politics or other counter-productive activities). From the moment you complete your training, all you need to focus on is making money and what we care about is your success and attitude.

How you earn with hireworks:

  • Placement Revenue = % of the annual salary of the placed candidate

  • Personal Revenue (how we define individual contribution or how we attribute / calculate personal revenue):

    • Delivery (the person who sourced & owns the placed candidate - GCC) = 50% of placement revenue

    • The other 50% is attributed to the rest of the contributors (Client Manager, Operations team, Marketing, Training, etc)

  • Commission (GCC) = 50% of personal revenue

  • Example:

    • if we imagine a scenario where the Placement revenue = USD 10,000

    • and you are the person who sourced and own the placed candidate

    • your Personal Revenue, in that scenario, would be = USD 5,000

    • and your Commission, in that scenario, would be = USD 2,500


Earning potential with hireworks:

  • Average earning $ 1,500 - $ 5,000 per placement (can be much higher for executive placements)

  • Average placements ~ 1.5 placements per month

  • Average time to first placement (for a beginner) ~ 2-3 months from starting work (depends on speed of learning, abilities and applied effort)

  • Timeline from placing a candidate to receiving commission = 2-4 months (depends on candidate’s availability to start and payment terms with clients)


Critical factors for your earning:

  • How much do you want to be successful

  • Your ability to communicate with and understand people from diverse cultures

  • Speed of learning

  • How you apply in practice what you’ve learned

  • Attention to details

  • Balance between quantity and quality (with focus on quality)

  • Time management

  • Commitment and consistency (remember, you will enjoy an absolute freedom, which will test your discipline)


Our culture of learning is built around transparency (we love sharing), resourcefulness (you must be able to or learn how to figure things out, before asking for help) and support system (we are all together in this and are there for each other).

You don’t need to have experience in recruitment to make it your profession with hireworks.
If you get selected to join our community, you will be given access to our hireworks academy and training program, which includes:

  • An onboarding project board, that contains all references and information regarding the things you will learn (in an organized and easy to understand structure)

  • Digital library (tutorials in written and video format)

  • Practical assignments (for every module)

  • Final exam (to test your readiness to join our operations)

  • Feedback session(s) with one of our trainers

  • Ongoing webinars, sharing of knowledge and materials, as well as follow up trainings for those who show progress in their work and are ready to get to the next level


Timeline for onboarding - most people pass through the onboarding and training program within 3-5 days (it depends on your individual speed of learning and prior experience).


Modules for beginners:

  • Tools - all the tools we use when sourcing candidates

  • Sourcing candidates (searching & finding relevant talents)

  • Engaging candidates (messaging tactics, formats and guidelines)

  • Candidate profiling

  • Candidate processing, management and closing

  • Overview of the entire process (end to end)

  • Q&A and feedback


We specialize in sourcing talents from middle management to executive level, most commonly within the following skillsets / domains:

  • Leadership (CEO, CPO, CTO, CDO, CIO, CISO, COO, etc.)

  • Software engineering & DevOps

  • Architecture (Software / Solution / Enterprise / Data )

  • Digital Product & Project Management (and related - BI, UI, UX, Designers, Market / Consumer researchers)

  • Data (Analysts, DBAs, Engineers, Scientists)

  • Infrastructure & IT Services

  • Performance marketing & Marketing technology (SEM, SEO, Display ads, Social Media, Programmatic, Mobile networks, Affiliate, etc.)

  • General Marketing (Branding, Strategy, Research, Content, Creative, etc.)

  • Commercial & Business Development (most commonly with background in complex tech solutions far large scale enterprises)


External / practical learning benefits:

  • candidates are the best teachers - you will speak with thousands of digital experts and they usually are happy to share their knowledge with you

  • global exposure - the world is your playground (for real), colleagues as well as candidates and clients that you will collaborate with are literally across the globe and represent all kinds of nations and cultures

Be a Recreational Work Consultant

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