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Recreational Work’s mission is to accelerate growth in the Fintech and Tech community by helping starting businesses succeed. To achieve this our team provides complete expansion solutions to startups and the possibility for business relocation to a more economically stimulating location such as Bulgaria. Count on us to find the right funding, recruit the best talents and build together an expansion strategy that wins! 

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Business Relocation Services

Let us be your guide and trusted partner in Bulgaria

Have you ever considered what you can do with your business if you double down your costs? It will certainly give you room to breathe and expand, especially in the current uncertain market situation. We've got an idea for you. Move to Bulgaria?! Bulgaria is not only a European tax haven but it holds one of the lowest production costs while being the birthplace of some of the greatest tech talents, especially the AI industry. We know Bulgaria might not be your first choice as we understand how difficult is sometimes for foreigners to move their operations here. We'll help with that. We've been through the same experience. Think of us as the bridge between your vision and the Bulgarian reality. We'll help you handle everything, while you enjoy the benefits of the Bulgarian market 

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Building Your Invincible Sales Team 

From 0 to 100 in no time

Trust us to train and build your invincible sales team, that delivers results. We'll be there from the very first stage - recruitment. We believe in people and matching their talents with the company's vision. We'll train an inspired, motivated and successful team with the help of our crew of international mentors and psychologists, working for major global tech giants. We'll cover interdepartmental collaboration and an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the sales process - the sales pipeline, lead generation, CRM productivity and many others. You'll receive a result-driven motivated team, along with a detailed strategy to follow. You'll be able to rely on our full support until your new team starts yielding steady results. Let's build success together!

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Business Development Services

Hire us to do the work for you

International exposure and a strong global market presence are challenging but rewarding key objectives for each business. At Recreational Work, we'll make it easily obtainable, adapted to your own pace and business needs. You will experience scalable business growth through a systematic and thorough market expansion process. Precisely pre-defined and pre-calculated targets and clear milestones will eliminate all room for error. The strategy will reflect all the new market entry aspects: from planning and product adaptation (localisation) to execution. You will get a finished product that delivers results.

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Upcoming Events

  • Bulgarian Women in Business   Let's meet
    Bulgarian Women in Business   Let's meet
    Time is TBD
    Free Online Event
    Time is TBD
    Free Online Event
    Time is TBD
    Free Online Event
    Let's create our own safe space for Bulgarian Businesswomen - free of charge and open-minded. You will take part in an open discussion, ask questions and learn insights that you can hardly find on the internet. This will be the first of many more exciting regular meetups, each with a surprise guest.

Meet The Team


Ralitsa Dimitrova

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I'm a Founder of Recreational Work and a strong believer in the potential of the Bulgarian market. My professional background is in  Fintech and Tech industries and it is where my passion lies.  Raised and educated in Switzerland, obtained my BSc and MSc in London, I've recently returned to Bulgaria. Ever since I made it my personal mission to combine my work experience and western mentality to help Bulgaria become the next top Tech hub in Europe.


The Team

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We've built a result-driven team of young professionals with the experience and skills to support your business. Our dream squad includes recruiters, soft skills mentors, a business psychologist, professional sales executives and managers, and quality-control supervisors. Together we create the multicultural and professional environment that Recreational Work stands for. 

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