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65 percent of startups fail because of premature scaling. Be the other 35 percent! International exposure and a strong global market presence are challenging but rewarding key objectives for each business. At Recreational Work, we'll make it easily obtainable, adapted to your own pace and business needs. How are we planning to achieve this? Prior to any other action, we'll advise you on the scalability of your business aka whether you are ready to take the step to a new market. Sometimes it's better to take a step back until ready, so that you don't jeopardize your business activity. Remember our goal is to help you succeed, not fail after all! After we establish the growth potential, we'll create a personalized agile new market entry strategy with pre-defined targets and milestones for all stages. All actions in each stage will be carefully pre-calculated to the initial concept and targets for the sprint. There will be pre-defined deadlines with predetermined potential latency so that we ensure that the product will reach the target market at our scheduled time for launch. What are the steps we'll undertake? -Step 1 The planning & Market Research: This is the most important stage. The objective is to set a target market, goals, milestones, deadlines and key objectives, so we ensure the delivery of the final result. - Localisation and Product Adaptation: We'll handle all the localisation and manage the product adaptation. After we've outlined the target market, we need to prepare the product for localisation. We need to plan product and site translation (if needed), product adaptation for cultural differences (date format, currency display, etc.). - Developing a new site version: We'll develop a new site/improve your current if you believe the old will not be adequate for the needs of the business expansion. - Pricing: We'll help you set competitive prices for your product Step 2. Route to Market - Promotion/selling support: We'll support you through out all stages of the sales process until we have an adequate and steady client base. You'll receive as well a detailed marketing strategy for positioning your brand on the market that we can discuss with the marketing team. Step 3, Distribution Support Book your free consultation today and we'll send you the full version of this service plan!

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