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Sales Team Training and Recruitment

Let's build your invincible team from 0!

  • 1 hour
  • Upon Agreement
  • Online Session

Service Description

We will create a result-driven, motivated team in few simple steps: Step 1. Recruitment: - You can outsource the whole recruitment process to our professional international recruiting team - Alternatively, we will work together with your HR department from the sourcing through the interview and support them in finding the right candidates - After each round, you will be presented with our top choices and have the final say. Step 2. Fundamentals of Sales and What the Heck is a Pipeline: At this stage the team will learn what is Sales and the fundamental basics of the sales process: - Sales pipeline and how to adopt it to their working style - The importance of a structured pipeline - Time management and productivity - The psychology behind our buying persona - How to talk and present themselves - How to pass through Gatekeepers - How to feel good about rejection and remain motivated - KPIs and OKRs and their meaning Step 3. Lead Generation and Prospecting Training - Teaching all stages of a successful sales lead generation funnel - Providing an Ideal Client Profile (ICP) for your business and for the team to follow - Outlining the potential buying persona and where to find them - Providing you with a sample of lead generation tools and discuss which ones to use - Teaching the team how to generate leads and categorize them - Showing them how to prepare the leads for a CRM import Step 4. CRM Best Practices: - Leads import - CRM pipeline Development and Training - Creating opportunities, mark deals closed. - Task Creation - Proper annotation to leads, making it comprehensive for the other departments - NDA, Offers and Contract Generation - The Onboarding Process - Setting OKRs and KPIs in the CRM Step 5. Initial Contact - How to contact leads - First Impression, tone of voice and appearance - Email Templates, phone call scripts, LinkedIn message templates - Objections Handling Step 6. The tech education and terminology, if needed For Tech and Fintech companies we will provide an additional step of educating the team with the basic understanding and terminology, needed to understand your product and be confident in their sales process. Step 7. Innovative Role Playing and Email tests We'll test the team's skills and provide constructive feedback through multiple fun activities, mimicking real time sales situations. Step 8. Final Q&A Book your free consultation and ask for the full version of the training plan!

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bulwar "Kniaź Borys I" 121, Varna, Bulgaria

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